Blockchain: the most in-demand hard skill

Dive into the Blockchain world with confidence! Here we provide you a unique learning space to deepen your knowledge and keep up to date with current trends. Grow your competence and shape the future with the harness of blockchain technology.

Knowledge building

Learning Space is an open initiative which consists of courses, guidance and community interaction.

It combines:


If you prefer to study at your own pace and learn at the time that suits you the most, here you can find distilled and trustworthy content for self-learning for different levels of knowledge.

Seminars for deeper understanding

Are you in need of guidance and mentorship? When you have specific issues and knowledge gaps, experts in the area are here to help you develop and progress

Do It Yourself

Ready for hands-on learning? Here you will find practical guidance on how to use and harness blockchain products. Explore your potential and add new and evolving skill sets!

The first Block is on us

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    Learn with us

    Teachers from the industry

    Here you can find content gathered from all over the world that is presented by well known specialists in the field and scientific community.

    Global Community

    There are plenty of blockchain application areas with different community channels that you will be guided through.


    Practitioners gives an opportunity to organize your private seminars or one-on-one sessions for more in depth coaching.

    Practical knowledge

    The hot learning section offers practical knowledge so everyone can try it out and build their first assets.

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